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What the clients say

Jonathan walked our greyhound Flight for about four years until Flight

sadly passed away just after Christmas. We found him an exemplary dog

walker. Utterly reliable and trustworthy: Flight was always picked up,

walked, often for hours, and returned clean, healthy and happy.


Most importantly, however, Jonathan has a deep understanding of and

sensitivity to dogs' needs, such that you always feel confident that

your pet is being looked after and given individual attention.


The best testament perhaps is that after any sort of break from his

walks, when we were on holiday for example, Flight would be overjoyed

to see Jonathan again when the walks resumed.


If and when we ever get another dog, I very much hope Jonathan will be

able to walk him.



Jonathan Carr-West

Chief Executive, LGiU


'I’m so pleased that I discovered Jonathan when I moved to London with my pugs. There was an immediate rapport between them and he genuinely loves dogs. I felt totally relaxed and at ease about leaving them in his care. He is responsible, trustworthy and a really nice guy who is always helpful, responds immediately to texts and phone calls and is very flexible regarding his availability for dogwalking. Nero and Chiara loved going out for walks with him and would even jump into his van! It was reassuring for me to know that in my absence they were happy and well looked after by a committed and professional dogwalker who had their best interests at heart. Thank you, Jonathan, for taking care of them so well.'

Heather N6


Jonathan has been looking after Henry for the last 2 years - From the moment the key turns in our front door Henry is off, tail wagging like a helicopter and stretching in anticipation!  Henry is an incredibly lively, adventurous dog who can be difficult to control, Jonathan handles him with ease and with his advice and the exercise he now gets, Henry is a much happier and manageable dog. Even though I have children, I consider Henry to be my first child, it is extremely important to me to know that he is being looked after by someone I trust implicitly and to know that he is having a great time with lots of socializing! Jonathan is reliable, trustworthy, amazing with dogs and Henry is happier than he has

ever been. I can't recommend Jonathan highly enough and have no idea what we would do without him.  

Fleur N2


Hi, I’m Archie.

I’m quite an old dog now and I live with my owners in Finchley.

They go out to work quite a lot but I don’t mind because I know my best friend Jonathan will be coming round to take me out. We have a great time together, me, Jonathan and the gang. We go to the park and we run and we sniff all kinds of interesting things.  Jonathan never misses a date and he’s really nice.  Life is so much more fun now that I get all these extra outings.  I definitely love Jonathan and I think he loves me. We always like meeting new friends, so why not get your dog to join the gang?  We can guarantee a great time.

Archie N11


Having owned and walked our own dogs for over thirty years, I found that occasionally we needed the services of a dog walker.  With no personal recommendations and not knowing where to find a reliable and trustworthy dog walker, I spoke to my vet Simon at Village Vets, Winchmore Hill.  Simon had no hesitation in recommending Jonathan Brenner.  Our Collie Cross trots off with Jonathan, jumps into his van and comes back a couple of hours later wagging her tail and ready to lie down, after a long and satisfying walk off the lead and having had a good run and play with the other dogs. 

Marilyn N13


Jonathen has walked Alfie since we got him as a small puppy more than eight years ago. Alfie (a Springer-Labrador mix) is an extremely lively dog but Jonathen has managed him with great skill, always maintaining a caring balance of keeping him under control whilst appreciating his high spirited character. In particular, he always gives Alfie the long walks that he needs and has helped him overcome car sickness as a puppy as well as encouraging him to socialise with other dogs.

Jonathen is flexible and reliable. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Sara NW6


We have used Jonathan as a dog walker for nearly 12 months after having been recommended him by a vet. Our dog (Charlie) is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who, when we rescued him, appeared to have been abused prior to being rescued so it was reassuring Jonathan took time to meet with Charlie and discuss behavioural traits and how he felt it would be best to integrate Charlie into his pack prior to agreeing to walk him.


As first time owners and not having used a dog walker before it was a little unnerving handing over a set of house keys to someone but Jonathan is trustworthy, reliable, flexible to your requirements and genuinely cares about his pack. I’d have no issues recommending Jonathan to any of your four legged friends.

Tim N8


Jonathan offers a very reliable and friendly dog walking service. He has walked our dog Georgie for the last three years and has been a trusted key holder to our house as we both work. I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan to others.

Mrs Sarah N6



Jonathan is a reliable and flexible dog walker. Snowy loves her time spent with Jonathan and her doggy friends. I would certainly recommend him to other dog owners. 

Mrs N. Clayton N13


Jonathan really understands dogs. When he takes on new dogs he takes time to get to know them and for them to learn to trust and obey him. All "his" dogs are individuals to him with their own temperament, likes and dislikes and quirky characteristics. He knows which of them really like to be with each other and have tremendous fun walking together, and which are best kept apart; he always pays close attention to this. He has a deep understanding of dog behaviour and long experience and can advise on and help with difficult behavioural issues.


He is totally trustworthy, reliable and responsible (like us, most of his clients are happy for him to have house keys). He will always go the extra mile if he can to help out with extra walks if needed or in other ways. Our cockerpoo, Charlie, adores Jonathan who has been walking him now for more than two years since he was a puppy. We have learned a lot about Charlie from Jonathan; he has advised us about some health concerns and has introduced us to the other dogs who are Charlie's special playmates.


His walks are varied and give the dogs fantastic play and exercise in extensive safe open country and woods, no matter the weather. He will walk dogs on or off lead, depending on the needs of the dog. He is a sensitive, empathetic and thoughtful person and will always take into account the wishes and concerns of the owners. For him, it is always paramount that the dogs remain safe, have fun together and get the exercise they need.  

Helena N8


We have used Jonathan as a dogwalker since 2006. In that time he has been a trusted key holder, as we have both been working. He has always been reliable, and our current dog, as well as previous ones, greet him wildly when he arrives. We believe this proves the affection they have for him, and the affinity he has with our dogs. We have been happy to let Jonathan have a key, and in fact he was able to notify us when a previous house was flooding due to a burst pipe. I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan as a dog walker.

Michael N10


Jonathan has been walking our dog Jeffrey for almost four years, and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Jeffrey is a very lively young Basset Griffen Vendeen and needs good daily excercise. He has a garden to roam in but Jonathan gives him a long walk each day which he loves and it keeps him very fit. Jonathan is very reliable - he turns up in all weathers, and jeffery also gets to socialise with the other dogs being walked. 


Our vet (Simon Hayes at Village Vet Winchmore Hill) also knows Jonathan and has remarked on more than one occasion how good he is with dogs.

Mrs. Valerie N21




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